We are based in Barcelona and Los Angeles

Places of birth of startups, centers of creativity and discovering of new technologies.

  • Who are we: Gaëlle Collas
  • Phone: +34 618 97 47 94
  • Email: gaelledcodemoi@gmail.com

Gaëlle is a Civil Engineer, a teacher, a family coach, a coordinator, etc... She loves all and all and cannot stop learning, sharing her knowledge and foster others' curiosity, creativity and autonomy.

Created DcodeMoi and offers its services worldwide.


What they are saying

Thanks to what I learned in the startup class with you, I ace in maths and business classes now!


Student in Y10

My daughter got an A+ in maths, thank you for helping her so much.


Mother of a student

You went above and beyond to help my son build a love for proramming by making it fun and integrating me in his learning, making it a bonding experience as well :)


Father of a student

You know how to teach perfectly in a way that anyone can understand and you have a huge kindness, thank you again for your help


Student in Y11

I found someone who listens to my needs and my daugters'. It was a discovering seeing you could find the way for them to understand new concepts and overcome their fears, and mistakes while intrepretating others. I got surprised by the complicity that quickly took place between them and to see their joy while doing workshops and a variety of classes together. Finally I meet a teacher I would have loved having as a kid and especially during my teenage.

Jean François

Father of two students